Claudio Bianchi

The man who’s sorted out several “mission impossible” challenges out of sheer passion and fascination for value creation through innovative solutions. 


Founder and CEO

My background

I have spent the greater part of my career (17 years) as Managing Director for Accenture Interactive (now Accenture Song), where I have leveraged my engineering and business background towards Design and Innovation for international clients in the Retail, Fashion, and Consumer Goods industries.

Beyond my role as senior advisor for clients, I was responsible to develop, grow, and lead the Accenture Interactive practice in Italy. In this function, I’ve created and led Centres of Excellence for various innovation initiatives amongst which the famed ACIN (Accenture Customer Innovation Network) in Milan and Düsseldorf, and the Accenture Interactive Omnichannel Commerce Milan CoE.

My experience as Chief Information Officer, first for a Fashion/Retail group, and then for a leading Toy Distribution company – completed my background, exposing me to the perspective of companies at a time further complicated by the Covid emergency.


I founded INNOVENGER  on the principle that skills and experience applied within structured frameworks and methodologies, will shine at their full potential when innovation, creativity and passion are the key drivers. I bring over 25 years of consulting experience, where I have led complex programs and initiatives that have taken the global stage particularly in the Retail, Fashion and Consumer Goods sectors, with a wide and varied coverage of IT, Digital, Commerce and Business Process complexities.

Considering our deep Seniority / expertise, we are ready and proud to take pro tempore structural or transformational responsibility within our Clients / Partners orgchart to drive innovation, processes and solutions (and we like doing this way):
here, I have taken on the role of Chief Information Officer for some notable international clients: first for a Fashion/Retail group, and then for a leading Toy Distribution company. This, at a time that was further complicated by the Covid emergency.

Beginning of 2023, INNOVENGER expanded its global network becoming the Italian branch of Nembrini Consulting Group (in April), taking on leadership for Operations in Italy (as well for Digital / Martech initiatives). YoY Revenues significantly grew in 2023 having a solid, consistent vision in mind.

I’m proud and pleased to be leading and driving the growth path for INNOVENGER  

What I’m good at

I like challenges. Once I understand the importance of the programs that are being entrusted under my responsibility (and therefore, once I commit to the targets) – then there’s nothing that can stop me or that can prevent my team from succeeding.

I can lead complex (and particularly challenging) initiatives and projects at international scale in the sectors on which I have built my career: Retail, Fashion, and Consumer Goods.

How? I never feel under pressure when I lead complex activities; stress doesn’t help to progress – I trust our ability to sort out any challenge by leveraging work ethics, passion, and confidence.  My teams will confirm that I have a very good ability to create a buffer and to isolate them from all the noise and bureaucracy that can inhibit our progress. By pushing out the noise, we get down to the essentials that are needed to deliver value:  skills, creativity and strong team collaboration – without the unnecessary stress or distractions.

My values

INNOVENGER seeks out the creative mind, the idealist who can work, collaborate, and deliver under timelines. We are driven by our desire to create and make the world a better place.  Our passion fuels the relentless pursuit for innovation and adventure.

At INNOVENGER , we listen first, and then we engage in deep collaboration / conversations to work towards a common goal and to generate unparalleled value based on our collective experience.

We are innovative, we are creative, we are passionate – we are pleased to share our expertise and ideas to help our customers shaping their own processes – we like to be ARCHITECT (and we are good at). We put People first, and we go above and beyond expectations – for our clients, our partners, and our teammates.

My Motto

Work ethics eliminate fearDreams are meant to intimidate you; If they don’t, then you’re not dreaming big enough.

And to quote Placebo:
“Don’t give up on the dream
Don’t give up on the wanting
And everything that’s true”

At INNOVENGER we bring over 25 years of consulting experience! Discover more about our team.